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Trust Pharmacy: Wholesaler of Generic Meds


Trust Pharmacy is an online platform. Our company is an online service that has taken one of the leading positions in online sales. We specialize in generics sale. All our medications are produced by well-known Indian manufacturers. All the meds meet the quality standards because we respect our customers and their right to get professional assistance during the treatment. Our meds are high-quality, affordable, and certified.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and health of people, the provision of outstanding services with medications, medical devices, and health-related products. Your health is in the safe hands of Trust Pharmacy.Trust Pharmacy_ Wholesaler of Generic Meds

Our Advantages

Round-the-clock operation

Our online pharmacy work around the clock. It doesn’t matter at what time and what day you make an order. The only exception is the holidays. There may appear delays due to the changed working schedule. The time of order processing and delivery is increased. Thanks for understanding and waiting.

In the comfort of your home

Any customer is not asked to leave your own home to make an order. You can always buy medications with international courier delivery. They make drug delivery straight home. This is important enough for people who are unable to leave home because of diseases. You need to make an order for the PO box. Just check the correctness of the order as it may be the reason for the order non-delivery.


In our online pharmacy, the cost of medications is lower than in conventional drugstore facilities. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • we have no need to rent a room and monitor the operation of an extensive network;
  • no funds are spent on huge staff.

So, we have no necessity to include them in the cost of individual drugs. As a result, we do not incur additional rates to the cost of the sold medications.


Our online catalog is diverse. We add many different drug categories to the online catalog. Every position is either prescription or over-the-counter drugs. We have the following drug categories in the online catalog: allergy, anti fungal, anti viral, anti-depressants, antibacterial, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular, cholesterol, diabetes, diuretics, erectile dysfunction, eye drop, gastro health, general health, hair loss, hepatitis C virus (HCV), herbals, HIV, hormones, men’s ED packs, men’s health, mental illness, motion sickness, muscle relaxant, pain relief, quit smoking, skin care, sleeping aids, weight loss, women’s health.


Shopping at our online pharmacy is completely anonymous. We use discreet packages to bring your parcel. We make no notes on the wrapper of your order. Our company uses SSL-protocols to protect your personal data. Be sure you will get 100% confidentiality for ordering and delivering online medications.

Generics – your way to save money

Generics is a drug based on the active substance for which the patent has expired. They are also known as “post-patent drugs.” The manufacturer of the brand-name drug includes all its costs in the total price, including the costs of clinical trials. As a result, the total rate is always expensive. Generic appears when the patent for a branded drug expires. In different countries, it lasts from 5 to 25 years. At that time only the manufacturer who developed the medicine and patented has the right to release it. When the deadline ends, any other pharmaceutical company can do this. Finally, generic will be released under a different trade name. The generic company manufacturer did not spend on development, so a generic is always cheaper. By the way, in order not to miss the benefit, in recent years, pharmaceutical manufacturers of branded drugs began to produce generics, as well. It contributes to the price increase for generics produced by original manufacturers.

Customer care support

Our online company respects every customer. We hope our customers feel it. We provide people with round-the-clock to inform them of stock renewal, new informative posts, and possible ways to improve your health. We also guarantee eery customers their personal data are kept safe through SSL-protocols. We use verification certificates to encrypt customers’ personal data. We also do not trade, distribute, and disclose the data except for cases permitted by legal requirements.

You may be sure you will be satisfied with the delivery as we cooperate with certified delivery systems. They will bring your parcel 100%. The only thing the customer is asked is to check the data entered during the ordering procedure. If you make a mistake when entering personal data especially shipping data, your parcel won’t be delivered.


Ellis Holland: “I found this online store recently. I have already made 3 orders, 2 of which I have already delivered. This website has a pretty user-friendly interface. As soon as you enter the site, you immediately see the search bar. The search engine is also convenient, it gives all possible results: medications, dietetic products, hygiene, and health-related items, etc. After you place your order on the website, the operator sends you an email back with the order details. I highly recommend this site and online pharmacy itself. Make an order and you will not regret it.”

Andrea Welch: “I have been using this pharmacy ever since they had very few customers. I am surprised when people say that prices are rising. They are growing everywhere. In comparison with other online and conventional pharmacies, it is still cheaper to buy meds online. It is also a big advantage that the company is developing and the conditions are getting better. Among advantages, there are: a large assortment that is constantly expanding, attentive, well-trained staff, the lowest prices for medications, it is convenient to place an order on the site, a user-friendly site.”

Tia Connolly: “I learned about this online pharmacy long ago when I worked at a healthcare institution. Now I order goods from this Trust Pharmacy every month. I really helped out when I was pregnant. The ordering procedure is as following: you add products in the shopping cart, confirm the order, the operator calls you back and discusses the order details, you may specify a convenient delivery time. The courier always arrived on time. I recommend this online pharmacy!”

Demi Kay: “This resource helps me a lot to control my family budget. Thanks to the friends who aware of this website. After you add what you need in the shopping cart, you only need to select a delivery point. After submitting an order, you will receive an email stating that your order has been processed and shipped. Payment is conducted online. Everything is very convenient and affordable. I do recommend this online service! One more aspect in favor of Trust Pharmacy is that you may consult a pharmacist online. Use their contact form and an operator will respond you in the shortest possible time.”


Find Answers to Your Questions

Do you deliver meds globally?

Our online company brings parcels to every corner of the world. The exception is some remote Asian countries. Please, contact our customer care department for getting more details.

How fast are the parcels delivered?

The parcels are delivered with the stated time spans. Please, follow our delivery page to get to know more details.

Do you require a prescription?

If you buy a medication intended for sale with a prescription-only, please send it to us over the email. We accept prescriptions in DOC, TXT, IMG.

Do you have any additional charges?

We apply no additional charges. If your parcel has not come on time, we will reship it without additional charges.

What medications are included in the online catalog?

The majority of medications are generics produced in accordance with the Indian FDA. We also have branded drugs but their price is greater in comparison with generics.


Medication therapy management

Our company has selected several options for proper medication therapy management. Get acquainted with them and follow for obtaining better results.



We pick up the details about when, how and at what time to make vaccines. Children's immunization is included, as well.


Natural vitamin selection

No idea how to choose vitamins? We create a page for you with some tips on how to choose and take vitamins.


ED medications

Choose ED medications with us. We create the list of drug groups able to improve erectile function and deprive of ED and PE.



Every parcel is delivered in a discreet pack. We value our customers' right to confidentiality.


Prescription refill

Need a course of pills? Use our refill option and buy meds online fast.


Low costs

All our meds are of low cost because we sell generics produced by Indian manufacturers.



Buy meds and get bonuses. It helps reduce the expenses for medications.



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