The Choice of ED Medications

Potency disorders are divided into two main categories – erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. An erection occurs in the following mechanism. In response to a sexual stimulus, the walls of the blood vessels supplying the penis with blood are relaxed. As a result, the penis, or rather, its cavernous bodies, is filled with blood. However, if a spasm occurs for some reason, then an erection does not occur or it is too weak.

Many enzymes are involved in this process. It is phosphodiesterase as well as nitric oxide. Also, men often have problems with erection duration or premature ejaculation. As a rule, they are caused by another reason – a lack of neurotransmitters in the nervous system.ed medications

Types of drugs to improve potency

There are several types of drugs for impotence. Here are their main groups:

  • phosphodiesterase inhibitors;
  • NO-synthase stimulants;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • antispasmodics;
  • supplements based on plant or animal components.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors

This is the most famous group of drugs. List of main drugs in the group includes:

  • Sildenafil;
  • Tadalafil;
  • Udenafil;
  • Vardenafil.

Sildenafil is sold under the well-known brand name Viagra. The drug was created by the American pharmaceutical company – Pfizer. The drug properties were discovered by chance because the drug was originally intended to treat low blood pressure (hypotension). The action is quick – for several tens of minutes, although this time can be individual for each man. The overall effect duration lasts up to 4 hours.┬áSildenafil retains its popularity until now. In addition to the branded drug, there are a number of generics based on the same active substance (Sildenafil). They mainly differ from Viagra in price.

Cialis is based on another active ingredient – Tadalafil. This drug was developed later than Viagra. The duration of its action exceeds the duration of Viagra’s action. Its effect lasts 36 hours. The rate of effect onset is also higher than that of preparations based on Sildenafil. It is usually a quarter of an hour, in rare cases an hour or more.

Levitra is based on another active substance – vardenafil developed by British pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline. The drug effect occurs about 20-25 minutes after the application and lasts about 4 hours. The drug advantage is a minimum of contraindications. It affects the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system to a lesser extent than sildenafil. Also, the drug can be combined with moderate doses of alcohol and fatty foods. However, in this case, the drug effect may occur somewhat later than usual.

Zydena is based on the most modern substance from the group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors – Udenafil. The effect occurs about 30 minutes and lasts about a day.

Nitric oxide donors (NO-synthase stimulants)

The action of this group of drugs is based on an increase in nitric oxide production, which affects blood vessels’ expansion. These drugs help to relax smooth muscles, which leads to improved filling of penile corpus cavernosum with blood. The advantage of this drug group is that it can be taken in the case of the presence of cardiovascular diseases, for example, hypertension.

In addition, it can increase sexual desire (libido). The use of this group on an ongoing basis contributes to an increase in testosterone. However, taking the drug is contraindicated while taking phosphodiesterase inhibitors, as this can provoke a strong decrease in pressure. Given the small number of side effects, these drugs may be the best choice as a cure for impotence aged 60 years and over. Some other substances, for example, L-arginine, have a similar effect.

Testosterone preparations

These drugs have an indirect effect on potency, increasing the level of the male hormone testosterone. Among the drugs of this group, there are Fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone, Andriol TK, testosterone enanthate. They are prescribed by a doctor in case of a decrease in the testosterone concentration in the blood. They can be taken both in the form of tablets or injections. There are also creams and gels for applied locally on the body’s skin. Self-treatment of erectile dysfunction with these drugs is unacceptable.


Perhaps few people know, but such a well-known group of drugs as medications for consultations can also improve erectile function. This effect appears because the cause of poor erection, in many cases, is vasospasm. Preparations such as Drotaverin and Papaverine are effective for ED treatment. However, they should not be taken in tablets, but used in the form of injections. These preparations are injected into the penile tissue. The advantage of this drug type is its availability. As a rule, these are inexpensive means available to most buyers.


These drugs block alpha-type adrenaline receptors in the vessels, as a result of which they expand. It contributes to an increase in erection. There are both selective and non-selective alpha-blockers. Among the first, there is the alkaloid yohimbine. It blocks receptors of type ╬▒, which are located mainly in the penile vessels. Yohimbine is a drug obtained from the bark of a Yohimbe tree. In addition to enhancing erection, it has an increasing effect on libido. It also increases tone and improves fat metabolism. It is contraindicated in kidney disease and in old age. Phentolamine, a non-selective alpha-blocker, is also often used to improve erectile function. It can be used both in tablet form and as an injection into penile skin.

Synthetic analogs of prostaglandins

These drugs are injected either into the urethra. They are also used as injections into the penile skin. Alprostadil is the most common sample of this drug type. The principle of its action is based on strengthening the obstructive venous mechanism of erection, as well as on relaxing the muscles of the cavernous bodies and their intensive filling with blood. It also has an alpha-blocking effect.

Among these drugs, there is Dapoxetine, a drug for prolonging sexual intercourse. After its use, the time of sexual intercourse increases by about 3-4 times. The drug is taken a few hours before intercourse. However, an increased dose does not increase its duration, but only increases the number of side effects. Taking the drug can be combined with taking phosphodiesterase inhibitors, in particular, Viagra.

Another antidepressant, Trazodone, is also able to cause the expansion of penile vessels due to its effect on alpha-adrenergic receptors. It is usually administered as an injection.

Drugs that enhance microcirculation in the tissues

These drugs alone cannot enhance an erection. However, in combination with other drugs, they can enhance their effect, so they can be prescribed by a doctor as additional funds. These include Trental and Pentoxifylline.

Potassium channel activators

These drugs activate potassium channels in muscle cells, thereby contributing to their relaxation. The drugs of this group include Minoxidil. It can be used both in tablet form and applied to the penis skin as an ointment.

Combination drugs

This category includes drugs that have in their composition several components of various pharmacological groups that enhance the effect of each other. An example of such a drug is Super-P Force. It contains sildenafil and dapoxetine. Sildenafil enhances an erection, dapoxetine increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Supplements, vitamins, and natural preparations

These potency boosting preparations contain various types of plant materials or animal components. Some of them use recipes developed by traditional oriental medicine.

Many dietary supplements increase stress resistance, have a rejuvenating effect, improve metabolism. Moreover, they can be simultaneously used as enhancers of sexual desire and potency.

Dietary supplements, unlike medications, have not passed clinical trials, so their effectiveness remains in question. In addition, many dietary supplements are not cheap. Therefore, you can take them only at your own risk.

The following drugs belong to dietary supplements:

  • Golden horse;
  • Spanish fly;
  • Eleutherococcus extract;
  • ginseng extract;
  • Goji berries;
  • preparations containing pantocrine.